Simplified, a blank PCB is an empty circuit board devoid of any contacts as well and free from pieces that are used and installed in the creation of an actual circuit board or PCB. A blank PCB board has multiple compositions however the most often used are copper coated or widely known as copper-clad circuit boards. Electricity flow is more efficient with the copper-coating and more accurate once all contacts and components have been finalised.

The PCB market dictates that most sales are of standard sizes however there are also other available sizes for different purposes and size requirements. Either way, the sizes of the blank circuit board can be trimmed down to match the specification layout or design. Standard colour for blank circuit boards are brown, however, can also come in any colours preferred by buyers not that this remotely affects the boards productivity level.

Our PCB Manufacturing Services

Whilst Xenoa LTD do not produce our own blank PCB as part of our production line, we have years of experience in outsourcing and supplying them to our client base. We only use trusted and reputable companies for outsourcing to ensure we can deliver the highest quality products for our PCB manufacturing services. 

Competitive sourcing of components, PCBs and materials is a core strength of our business. We are adept at fast turnaround completion on orders and surprise many at just how quickly we can get your order returned to you. If you choose Xenoa LTD you will not be disappointed. We provide a complete service in the shortest possible lead time supplied from established sources.

Single sided and Plated through PCBs are sourced, to exacting ISO9001-2015 standard, in specialist blank circuit boards factories across the country, easily accessible for our transport team to collect and promptly deliver to you without delay.

We also offer our excellent Multi-layer PCB option, 4 – 20 layers, with an unrivalled lead-time from when the order is placed. As all multi-layer boards are bare board tested without fail, you can be assured of the quality of goods you will receive.

The boards can be supplied as single circuits or left in a scored or routed panel, to aid you with the assembly of your items. Our outsourcing capabilities enable us to provide a range of thicknesses on material items, copper weights, resist colours and surface finishes for one off prototypes, smaller batches and full scale large volume production.

For the last two decades Xenoa LTD has successfully sourced and supplied blank printed circuit boards for a wide range of market sectors including medical, LED and large format displays, defence, IOT and emerging technologies, camera and imaging technology and motorsport. So no matter what you require your blank PCBs for, we can cater for your industry with the highest quality product and the most efficient service on the market.