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Over the years we have built some excellent working relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of electronics components the world over. You can rely on us to get the components you need in the timescales you need at the most competitive price possible.

We ensure all our components fully meet RoHS and REACH directives.

We regularly register designs for supported pricing with OEM manufacturers to support our customers with the best possible pricing and can also offer high quality machined parts from our supplier base.

In addition to the above we are particularly adept at sourcing end of life and obsolete devices from trusted and reliable sources.

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Electrical Components


Xenoa carries a large range of general passive Electronics manufacturing components in house to facilitate quick turnaround builds in our ESD safe stores. For regular repeating jobs – component kits are held in audited documented kit form, while other components are held in our general component library stores, which are organised to facilitate easy access for MRP. We employ the same care and principles to any components free issued by clients and where possible all components are stored in original sealed packaging. Where required, during kit generation, any MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) devices are baked for the appropriate JEDEC periods before being issued to manufacturing kits.

Regardless as to whether components are free issued to us or procured by us, Xenoa carries out extensive due diligence to ensure parts supplied match issued build instructions prior to release from stores.