Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing

Xenoa Ltd offer the full range of pcb manufacturing services from PCB design, assembly, fabrication to prototype. We have been producing and supplying high quality printed circuit boards to our customers in both fast turnaround low volume and medium to high volume quantities for nearly 2 decades.

High Quality and fast turn around PCB production. From single sided to multilayer to Aluminium backed or Flexible PCBs – we can cater for all your electronic printed circuit board requirements with a cost effective and high speed service – whatever the quantities

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High Quality PCB Services

Xenoa has consistently offered high quality, fully tested prototype and small to medium batch PCB manufacturing for a whole host of market sectors. Xenoa can offer its clients the following types of bare PCBs.

  • Single sided.
  • Double sided conventional and PTH
  • Flex and Flex Rigid
  • Multilayer PCBs upto 30+ layers.
  • Heavy weight copper PCBs
  • Metal clad PCBs (MPCB) – for thermal management applications
  • Resin and Copper Fill
  • Controlled Impedance (multilayer stack ups and calculations are supplied as required FOC)

Our PCB Manufacturing Service is a testament to our ongoing commitment and ethos to maintain the majority of our manufacturing in the UK. Xenoa can also offer offshore procurement with class ‘A’ vetted far east suppliers for larger quantity printed circuit board requirements. We only use a couple of high quality selected and vetted overseas manufacturing partners who have the same level and commitment to quality as ourselves.

We can work with your design team and gerber design files or can offer a PCB assembly & layout service based on your requirements. Contact us for more information.

PCB with components

Printed Circuit Board Fast Turnaround

Electrical Circuit

Contact Us Any Time To Review Your PCB Project:

  • Check on order Status
  • Make urgent changes
  • Can the order be delivered sooner than first quoted.
  • Can the order quantity be increased mid manufacture.

Need Printed Circuit Boards in a Hurry?

Contact us to find out how quickly we can get either bare or fully assembled circuit boards back to you. We will urgently review your data/requirements and advise you of the best price for the quickest turnaround that is possible.

Partnered Offshore PCB

Several years ago we were asked by existing clients if we could source high quality PCBs for products we had built at NPI and prototyping stage for lower cost from the Far East. To help support this need we vetted and set up a working relationship with a top quality manufacturer. We have worked with our offshore partner based in Shenzen, China, for the supply of higher volume bare PCBs, where cost is a critical factor.

Our Partnered PCB Design & Development Process Includes:

  • Xenoa’s UK manufacturer PCB knowledge base
  • Full supply control and logistics to your door by Xenoa
  • All technical questions answered quickly and easily by Xenoa’s UK based engineers
  • Exceptional Quality supply from selected and vetted suppliers
  • Long term trusted working relationship and regular face to face meetings
  • Aluminum base PCB
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • High Multilayer PCB
  • High Density PCB’s
  • Impedance Control PCB
  • High Temperature PCB(High TG PCBs)
  • Heavy Copper PCB
  • Flexible circuit(FPC)

Invariably, the service trades lead time (longer) against cost (lower) without sacrificing the high quality standards we adhere to.

PCB Services UK