PCB Fabrication Services

At Xenoa, we provide a comprehensive PCB fabrication service. Taking care of all stages, from bare PCBs through to layout prototype and assembly, we manufacture PCBs in line with your exact specifications.

Whether you’re an end user, a development engineer, a researcher or just need a quick supply of a quality printed circuit boards (PCB’s), we can work with you to fabricate PCBs that meet your unique manufacturing requirements.

Our PCB Fabrication service offers a wide range of base materials, including FR4, Polyimide, Rogers and PTFE and we can fabricate boards with up to 24 layers, offering a range of solder resist, legend colours, and surface finishes.

Our skilled and experienced PCB Fabrication team are technically adept and have proven results for even the most challenging of builds. For example, we are more than happy to deal with flexible PCBs, handling both the bare boards and their subsequent component assembly – something that many companies shy away from due to the difficulty of the task.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on being extremely flexible in our lead times. So, if you need your PCB Fabrication in a hurry, we can produce quality printed circuit boards quickly and at a competitive price.

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Why Choose Xenoa?

– Highly Skilled, Multi-disciplinary Team
– Competitive pricing
– Quick turnaround
– Proven quality
– Optimal efficiency, reduced costs

Printed Circuit Board Fast Turn Around

We go above and beyond to deliver the best possible results and the highest level of service. We deliver high quality, printed circuit boards with a fast turnaround.

Customer-focused Service

We are committed to making the process as streamlined and straightforward as possible, ensuring you get the best results. Once your project is underway, you can contact us at any time to review the following:

– Check an order status
– Make urgent changes
– Can the order be delivered sooner than first quoted?
– Can the order quantity be increased mid-manufacture?

Need PCBs in a Hurry?

Contact us to find out how quickly we can get either bare or fully assembled circuit boards back to you. We will urgently review your dates/requirements and advise you of the best price for the quickest turnaround that is possible.

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