PCB Design Services

With a wealth of experience behind us, at Xenoa, we offer a range of Electronic & PCB Design services that will meet your specific requirements, including PCB design and CAD layout.

Offering hardware design, as well as PCB layout, CAD layout and prototyping facilities, we have the skills and experience to provide our customers with a straight and efficient pathway from Design to NPI to Production.

Our skilled and experienced printed circuit board (PCB) design engineers look beyond a typical PCB layout service, integrating mechanical, enclosure, and front panel design into the process.

From academic and entertainment applications, through to solutions for the defence, automotive, aerospace, and energy markets, we design PCB CAD layouts that can be used to create electronic systems for a wide range of industries and sectors.

We endeavour to use the latest components and technologies available at the time of pcb design to ensure you get a product design with maximum longevity in terms of component availability and obsolescence. This means longer times between product redesign and therefore lower cost.

PCB Design Services
printed circuit board (pcb) design

PCB Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

With a focus on long term manufacturing partnerships, Xenoa has comprehensive design and development engineering facilities to provide a full product development service, we work closely with our clients at all stages from initial concepts through to full volume manufacturing.

Software incorporation and hardware design, together with PCB layout and prototyping facilities, provide our customers with a smooth transition through development to production. These services are fundamental, not only to design for manufacture using proven manufacturing techniques but also design for purchasing, using readily available components and therefore maximising your product’s life cycle.

And, most importantly, if you’re in a hurry, our PCB Design services can be completed within extremely quick turnaround times.

Why Choose Us For PCB Design?

– Highly Skilled, Multi-disciplinary Team
– Competitive pricing
– Quick turnaround
– Proven quality
– Optimal efficiency, reduced costs

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fast Turn Around

When it comes to your PCB Design and CAD Layout, we go above and beyond to deliver the best possible results and the highest level of service. We deliver high quality, printed circuit boards with a fast turnaround, including Flexible and Flex-Rigid designs.

Customer Focused PCB Design Service

We are committed to making the process as streamlined and straightforward as possible, ensuring you get the best results. Once your project is underway, you can contact us at any time to review the following:

– Check an order status
– Make urgent changes
– Can the order be delivered sooner than first quoted?
– Can the order quantity be increased mid-manufacture?

Need PCB Designs in a Hurry?

Contact us to find out how quickly we can get either bare or fully assembled circuit boards back to you. We will urgently review your dates/requirements and advise you of the best price for the quickest turnaround that is possible.