PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Services

Xenoa operates a PCB Assembly & Manufacturing facility in Hertfordshire with a multidisciplinary team striving to exceed our clients expectations, by providing surface mount, through hole and hybrid electronics manufacturing capablities with our highly experienced and skilled team and Samsung placement equipment.

All PCB components and materials are supplied with full traceability and we will always keep you advised of any issues as soon as they arise.

Turnkey PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services

Xenoa offers an all-encompassing turnkey PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services for your Surface Mount Assembly & electronics assembly requirements. Whether it’s from your free issued kit to one which we have sourced and procured from our approved worldwide supplier base from your unique build parts list. Whether it is Surface Mount, Through Hole or Turnkey Mechanical PCB assembly – you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Fully Automated PCB Assembly

Probably our most popular service, we have high quality modern fully automated manufacturing equipment to cater for your PCB Assembly and Electronics Manufacturing needs, and are constantly investing to improve our capability offering.

We have the ability to place with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability a large variety of electronic components from 0201 to BGAs and fine pitch lead devices. All are checked before and after reflow to ensure they meet IPC610 standards.

Our reflow ovens are temperature calibrated with thermal probes to ensure we use the correct profiles and don’t thermally stress either the components or PCBs to ensure just enough heat is applied to generate a perfect solder joint.

PCB Assembly UK

Information Archive

Every PCB Assembly & Manufacturing job we build we keep comprehensive records of. These records include all relevant information such as BOMs. assembly instructions, sample images, special requirements, ECN’s (Engineering Change Notes) and feedback post build (documented notes to advise team members of any specific issues associated with the previous build to ensure any subsequent build goes as smoothly as possible).

Printed Circuit Board Assembly